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If you need a website, that's what we do...

Many web designers like to talk about CSS, W3C compliance, ASP, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, DHTML (the list goes on) but we know that this information only impresses other web designers. Our clients simply want a modern web site, that loads quickly and brings more traffic to their message or product at a price they can afford.


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Our e-commerce web sites are designed to be easy to update by you with the comfort of knowing we are here to back you up if you get stuck or need extra functionality added.

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General Web Design

Of course not every web site in the world is ecommerce, the web first immerged under the concept of sharing information and ideas, and happily that is still the case today

But what if you don't need a whole web site? maybe you just need some images sorting out, our a menu or banner designed, maybe you might even want your site tidied up or converted to W3C compliiance. Well unlike many design companies we are just as happy to do a £10 job as £10,000 job. To us its all the same, our designers and programmers enjoy what they do whatever the scale so please just ask, we are more then happy to quote your requirements.

Here are the core languages we deal with every day

  • htm, html, xhtml
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • ASP
  • PHP
  • SQL
Some of our current projects
4LED LED Lighting WEC Electrical Urban Trench Warfare R&M Property

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Flash & PDF Catalogues

Whether you call them pdf catalogues, downloadable catalogues, flash brochures or ebrochures, if you are a manufacturer having the ability for potential retailers and potential customers to download or view your catalogues in a format that is easy to distribute makes good sense economically, enviromentally and from a viral marketing point of view.

Because our catalogues are designed to be low in file size, potential customers can simply email them to their friends and peers. Spreading your message to potentially a huge market without any effort on your part.

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White Paper Service

Lifesapitch Web Design offer a full whitepaper service, thus allowing other designers to use us in the knowledge that we will never claim in any of our literature, advertising or the code itself that the work has been carried out by us.
As code is... well code, we can't guarantee though we won't use the same or similar code for future projects (and we do get asked), although we would obviously

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Other Services

Our customers know that we are more then a web design company. Even though this is generally how we first get involved with our clients, its not normally the only thing we end up working with them on. If you have any part of your business that you feel could be made easier electronically then why not drop us an email and ask us if we can help?

If you need newsletters, image cd's, brochures, data entry, comparison site product/price uploads

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Accessibility & W3C Standards

With five main browsers (although there are plenty more) based on five different layout engines, with each browser having numerous previous versions, who in their right mind would be a web developer?
Below is just a few of the better known, more widely used browsers.

Internet Explorer Cross-Platform Browser Firefox Cross-Platform Browser Safari Cross-Platform Browser Opera Cross-Platform Browser Google Chrome Windows Browser Netscape Browser Konqueror Linux Browser Camino Macintosh Browser Maxthon Browser Deepnet Explorer Browser

On top of that (if that wasn't enough) there is also the glorious news that your audience could be viewing your site in a plethera of different monitor resolutions or even on a mobile device such as a pda or phone.

This is why W3C standards are so important, sites built using these standards should be accessible in any browser that adheres to them. Although this makes a web designers life sound easier, anyone who has ever worked on a web site will tell you that getting them to look the same in each of the different browsers is a hole different ball game.

We always advise anyone to check their web site in the latest cross platform browsers (click on above links) if they look ok and function properly at least then your have the piece of mind that 95% of people viewing your site will be viewing it as intended, you'll be amazed how many people suddenly realise that their sites don't work in Firefox for example which carries a 44% market share according to browser statistics.

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